A trade union of workers at the Candelaria Copper Mine in Chile, owned by Lundin Mining Corp of Canada, said on Tuesday that it had rejected yet another offer of a contract from the company and wanted to continue with a strike of almost a month that closed the mine.

Lundin said earlier this week he made a new contract offer to end the strike, which began on 8 October. A second union joined the strike during the month, forcing the mine to close.

“During the negotiation process, Minera Candelaria made four offers,” the company reported in a statement sent to Reuters last Tuesday. The company said that its operations were hampered by roadblocks by striking workers.

“Once again we call on the leaders and members of the Union of Minera Candelaria to resume dialogue to reach a mutually beneficial agreement.

The union confirmed its decision to reject the proposal and its intention to continue the strike.

Candelaria produced 111,400 tonnes of copper in 2019.